TL Group

The TL Group company was founded in 1995 and during more than fifteen years got a rich experience in sales and promotion of watch brands in Russia. We specialize in the distribution of watches and clocks with a retail price from USD50- up to USD1'500-, targeting different consumer groups. We offer the complete set of service for manufactures and brand owners to promote their brands on Russian market.


We are working in the following business directions:

  • wholesale business
  • retail chain
  • service department (warranty and after-sales service)

We have a wide network of clients to cover whole territory of Russia from the West (Kaliningrad city) to the Far East (Vladivostok city). Our network includes about 300 clients and more than 500 shops. In order to reach more deep penetration into the market in regions we adjusted good business with some wholesale companies located in the most important city in Russia such as St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk. Also we have very professional sales staff and efficient organization structure let us achieve high coverage and wide brand awareness and make a good foundation for further development.

Finally, we provide our partners with high quality guarantee and post-garantee service which supports positive attitude of end-consumers to a brand.

TL Group is a distributor for the following brands: ORIENT, LORUS, PULSAR, SEIKO clocks, KENNETH COLE New York, DELBANA, ROTARY.  We distribute all the brands in our portfolio we distribute on exclusive basis excluding ORIENT.